10 show in netflix that are not friends

Last week, we went on roller skates for "Friends." After rumours that the popular sitcom was leaving Netflix, the voices of disgruntled spectators broke out on Twitter

Friends are leaving

-_valuewie (@vee_marie11)

-InStyle (@InStyle)

Comrade officially leaves Netflix in January 1 January, I cancel my subscription, you guys are the worst

-Olivia SM


In other news, I will cancel the Netflix subscription on January 1

-Cathy (@katieasian1)

There were people in the ad, like:

Fortunately for the suitom 90 fans, the rumors were brief. It was recently announced

So, as long as the crisis was prevented, I thought it best to prepare for the time when friends are officially leaving Netflix. Here's a list of 10 other shows on Netflix that you can track instead of friends

The style of one camera with a large dry humour, and Arrested Development, is different from "Friends". Nevertheless, thanks to the brilliant ensemble and the clever writing, it will still be a lot of laughter. A Chok filled with well-rounded characters, and quirky one-liners, you will find that you will show it yourself

Convenience Kim is an easy-hearted, cheerful and fun one. Don't expect a laugh and a bulkhead of one ruler, but like friends, this show will make you feel ... feelings

It's also installed in Toronto! Therefore, be prepared to see photos of OCAD, Kensington Market and Queen Street East

In Brooklyn, nine-nine is an ensemble with a great sense of humor and heart. As friends, it will be difficult for you to pick up your favorite symbol (although it is likely that it will be Gina). Nine-nine-nine even brings a little action and mystique into the table, making a more rapid pawn comedy

Starring Will Smith, "Fresh kniazy" is very similar to "Friends" in terms of appearance and sensation. Like friends, it's also a multi-chamber sitcom 90. Good, high energy, and Fresh, Fresh Prince will take all the laughter and the 90-nostalgia that you could ask

Fresh dues are also better dancers

From the Marta Kaufman, the coauthor of Friends, Grace and Frankie is perfect for those who love more mature humor and sarcasm

The film "Hot America Summer", "Hot American Summer", "Camp One Day" and "10 years later" are two limited series worth looking at separately. Star Amy Pechler, Bradley Cooper, Jason Schwartzman, H. John Benjamin, Chris Pine, John Hamm, Elizabeth Banks, Joe Luo Truillo and Paul Rudd (also known as Paul Rudd). Mike from Friends. Most of them also play for 17 years ... so this. This show makes a mockery of the film at new levels

The Master of all may take a little more time, but it's worth the same. It's a beautiful shot, with some great record, you can't help Dev and his friends. It is filled with villains and even with important social problems

It also has tons of food. Don't look at the empty stomach

Short bursts of humor wrapped in short family shorts are too short?

The annoyant, irritating father, and eclectic sibling elements are just a few things that make a short family fun and enjoy at the same time

Funny and sweet, Mindy Kaling brings his own brand of humor to the show. In Mindy's project, a strong female leader and offers a rom-com gateway

The American Vandal is intelligent, oddly, dark parody of mystery secrets. It's an intriguing package in which the arrows are good, with some fun, uncalled humor. The mysterious component that you added will keep you in the manual and hook you up right now. Ensure that you have a free schedule because this is done to monitor the blog

You can watch these shows now, you can watch them in 2019, or you can use that list and use it to fill the void that's left behind after friends finally get out

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