Incredible asspirations: dialogue with jeff kinnard (president, the home depot canada)

Student Life Network has recently sat down with another successful business leader in the series "Guide to working with the executive management of the SLN". See what Jeff Kinnaird was supposed to tell us about success

The legendary Michael Jordan, perhaps the greatest player of all time, once said, " If you do the work that you will reward. There are no shortcuts in life. " To get to where Jordan was going, he took one step at once. Shortcuts can help you move faster and more, but you will never finish in your destination (not to mention training). One way or another, you will pay the price to skip the necessary steps. For example, if you do not read the tutorial instead of reading it, you will save time, but lose your estimates. And if you fail the test instead of learning it, you'll save much more time, but lose it proportionally if you run into a job that requires knowledge that you didn' t get. Thus, the acceptance of the labels will rob from your future. Jeff Kinnard understood this principle from a young age

Jeff started his career at Home Depot Canada as a sawnwood that helped his clients. He worked for several years, taught ropes, and continued to build up his capacity to help the customers of the company. He was an assistant manager for the store manager, who was a warehouse manager and a regional vice president. Today he is the president of Home Depot Canada. Jeff's life wasn't fair. He took one very cautious step to get to where he was going

Part 1: Education

I would call myself a quiet, uncompromising type that has remained focused and dedicated to this task

Having seen every day as an opportunity to learn, I have adopted a less traditional approach to formal education. Right after school, I had enough to find my passion for retail. During my entire career, I found myself to build on this incredible experience of life, which I did with Queen's MBA

During the first 10 years in the House of Canada, I grew up in my career with a water pipeline that helped our customers, who was an assistant to the shop manager, a store manager, and then a regional vice president. It was an extremely exciting time in my career, and it was enough time for me to appear on my MBA

Outside the classroom, I have been involved in the creation of more than 12,000 associated retail organizations. I made my MBA when I was a regional vice president of Home Depot, and it was all about finding a balance. I learned a lot about performance and objectives, because it's all about finding a balance in your attempt to achieve your goals

I've learned throughout my life that, no matter what you do, you have to put all the energy into it, if you want to succeed. I remember, as I used to, in my MBA career, I took a hard time, and it will remind me that you need to work hard and be at any time at any moment because you don't get anything for free

Part 2: Dream Job

Our company has an interesting part of our company. There are two things that define our culture: one is the values we live and the other is our inverted pyramid structure or subordinate leadership. This means that the partners and customers are at the top, and the president and the executive director are at the bottom. Bottom of the pyramid, the greater the weight of your organization, so our associates can be focused on helping our clients

As a result, I've always run the company to get to the end of the company. I had such a deep respect for culture, and I remember looking at the founders and executives at the time. That's what motivated me and everything that I was movin '

It's passion for people and passion for retail. I like to visit our employees, walk the fields with them and listen to their stories, because they are closest to our customers. It is also very interesting when you see that someone is taking a new role and in fact Excel. I'm humiliated when I see it every day in our stores. We have created a culture of pride with more than 70 per cent of the shop managers, starting hourly. Some of our employees may have made a less conventional path, just as I did, and what we see in our colleagues is that we are inour in our staff and are ready to become a great career building.  I also love when we give our value; it is a source of pride that many of our warehouse managers are involved in their communities, they are part of the local fabric of the communities in which they live and work

That's what I do in the morning. I like to see that there are so many ways in our company how you can be successful

Part 3: The future

Retail trade is changing rapidly, and we must be prepared to meet the changing expectations of our clients. Technological improvements mean that we can offer customers flexibility and convenience more than ever before. More than ever, our customers want to have comfortable, seamless purchases. They want to have the opportunity to order the product online and package it in the store, and order it in the store and deliver it to your home or workplace. Our goal is to create a common home experience so our clients can interact with us as soon as they get out. That means you deliver the best to the store and the online client

One of our core values is doing the right thing, and we are adopting this approach to sustainable development. This is an important part of how we do business, and I am proud to say that we have been recognized as one of Canada's most green employers in the last eight years. Due to the introduction of LED lamps and effective HVAC systems in our stores we manage the use of energy, and we are constantly looking for the source of our product. We have also invested in a supply chain of art that helps us keep greenhouse gas emissions to a minimum. Being sustainable is the right decision for our business and the right solution for our customers and partners

I always like it when someone comes to understand the company's culture, it's priceless. When you come in, and you've already done this research, they say you want to be part of this culture, this company. I will also say that there is nothing better than high energy. If you bring energy, you can do a lot

I've been told a long time that I have incredible aspirations. You said that when you read this article, I had this desire to be successful. Nevertheless, I have never allowed those aspirations to stand in the way of work and to do so well

We have high hopes and never leave these aspirations, but focus on the work. Find Balance

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