Decision Making Essay: A Step-By-Step Writing Guide to an A-Level Paper

Essay writing can hold numerous hidden traps. This type of academic assignment is time-consuming and hard to handle by itself. But, things get even worse when the topic of your essay is something as complex as decision-making.

How to write an A-worthy essay on this topic? We’ve got you covered!


What Is Decision Making?

In order to write a top-notch decision making college essay, one needs to clearly understand what decision-making is in the first place. Let’s start there.

Decision-making is a term that came from psychology. In a nutshell, it refers to a cognitive process aimed at choosing a certain option, course of action, or belief among multiple alternatives.

Before you get to decision making essay writing, it is also vital to understand that decision-making has many different techniques and models. Thus, when you start working on a decision essay, you’ll need to analyze different models to narrow down your focus.

Decision Making Essay Structure

Be it a decision essay or a paper on any other topic, the overall structure remains unchanged. Such papers involve three core components:

  • Intro

    • Topic presentation

    • Background details

    • Thesis statement

  • Main Body

    • 3+ paragraphs

    • A single idea per paragraph

  • Conclusion

    • Paper’s main points

    • Restated thesis

    • Logical conclusion

Pro Tip: Don’t make the common mistake and skip the planning stage! Even if you know well what an essay consists of, it is always a good idea to make an outline. Outlining will help you create a truly good decision making essay faster and easier.

What else to keep in mind? Before you get to planning and outlining your essays on decision making, be sure to carefully read and analyze the prompts and requirements provided by your professor. Depending on the type of paper, specified word limit, and other requirements, you may need to alter the structure and contents of your essay.

Short Essay on Decision Making: How to Write It?

If you’re about to write an essay on decision making, you might be wondering how to handle it without a hassle and yet ensure the best result.

Here is a detailed guide that will walk you through the process step by step and help create an excellent decision making paper:

Step 1: Read the guidelines provided by your teacher.

Step 2: Choose a relevant and engaging topic to narrow down your focus.

Step 3: Conduct research (if necessary) or brainstorm ideas for your paper.

Step 4: Make an outline to speed up the writing process and ensure a logical structure.

Step 5: Start with writing an attention-grabbing introduction.

Step 6: Unfold the topic in the main body of your making good decisions essay, one idea per paragraph.

Step 7: Give your paper a logical conclusion.

Step 8: Have a rest and get back to your paper for proofreading and editing.

Decision Making Topics

So, you were assigned to write a decision making essay. It can seem obvious that you already have a topic and it is decision-making. But, what is not that obvious is that you only have a general direction for writing, whereas the actual topic is yet to be determined.

To generate good decision making topics, you need to consider the type of essay you were asked to create.

Let’s look at some worthy decision making essay titles for different essay types:


(Purpose: to tell a story)

  • The hardest decision I’ve made

  • The decision that changed my life


(Purpose: to analyze the concept)

  • The role of decision-making in business

  • Why is making decisions so hard?


(Purpose: to compare two or more things)

  • Rational vs. dare decision making model essay

  • Making your own decisions vs. listening to advice


(Purpose: to describe a process step by step)

  • How to acquire decision-making skill

  • How to start making better decisions

Difficult Decisions Essay for College Admission

An essay on choices is an extremely popular topic when it comes to narrative and personal papers, especially when they are meant for college admission purposes.

An essay on some difficult decisions you’ve made is by far one of the most common topics for a college admission essay. Admission officers like this kind of essay because they show the character and personality of a student better than most other topics.

So, how do you write a winning admission essay on decision making and problem solving? Below are several handy tips to consider:

  • Pick a story from your life that will be engaging;

  • Use a hook to drive attention;

  • Provide the background for the story when you were involved or forced to make a tough decision and explain how you handled it;

  • Use more details to make it interesting to read;

  • Conclude by stating the lessons you’ve learned and how it has changed your life and/or personality.


Being assigned to write a decision making essay students often feel confused and even overwhelmed. That’s quite natural. But, it’s not always as bad as it seems!

If you choose a good topic, don’t forget to make an outline, and maintain a positive attitude, then handling the task won’t be as hard as it may seem from the start. Luckily for you, this step-by-step guide was created to help you overcome all the challenges of essay writing with ease. Follow along with the steps and tips we’ve shared here and you will be able to write a flawless essay about decision making in life that gets high grades!

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